Disabled Nonprofit Resources


They are an organization in Sweden that helps to provide ramps for people with wheelchair needs and other wheelchair-based disabilities in Sweden. They believe that it's a basic human right to live with dignity, and that the rights of disabled persons shouldn't be infringed upon because of a lack of accessibility.


This is the Swedish Organization of Disabled Persons, one of the main advocacy groups for disabled people in the country of Sweden.

The Swedish National Assocaition for Social and Mental Health

This is an organization in Sweden that advocates for people with social and mental disabilities, making sure that people who have mental disabilities are included as true disabled people.

The Swedish Handicap Institute (Nonprofit)

The Swedish Handicap Institute focuses on assistive technology and accessibility for people in Sweden with disabilities. They work to ensure that people have access to high quality assistive technology.

disAbility Technology at Microsoft

This is a resource group at Microsoft that helps people get access to technology that may otherwise be inaccessible. They also provide support to disabled people for Microsoft products and hold an annual Ability Summit to help foster innovative thinking and innovation within the tech community that can benefit disabled people. They help people who have disabilities such as hearing loss, blindness, certain visual impairments, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), various mobility disabilities, as well as dyslexia and other types of disabilities that may interfere with the use of technology.