Travelling to Sweden

So you're thinking about travelling to Sweden? Well, that's that first step in planning a disability-friendly trip and making sure that you're able to move about in Sweden and see the things that you want to see. One thing to think about is that Sweden is a relatively expensive place to travel to, so it's important to try and budget, especially if you're going to be needing some extra disability-related services.

Things to See and Do in Sweden

Upon arriving to Sweden, it's a good idea to visit Stockholm, which is the capital city of Sweden. There's an amazing amount of historical architecture there and 14 islands, and over 55 bridges! If you're someone who likes to see old-world architecture, Stockholm is the place!

While planning a disability-friendly vacation, there may be certain things that may be out of question, such as hiking the King's Trail, especially if your disability limits your mobility in terms of talking or running, but that doesn't mean that there aren't fun things to do. You can still catch the Midsummer Festival, or even stay in an Ice Hotel! Really, there's an endless amount of things to do and see in Sweden!

How to Save Money When Traveling in Sweden

As always, booking and planning ahead can help you save a considerable amount of money. Typically, the sooner to arrange for your flight and hotels, the cheaper they will be. There are also a lot of different things you can do to save money, food-wise.

For example, drinking beer vs. drinking alcohol can save quite a bit of money if you're looking to enjoy alcohol but also save some money in the process. In addition to drinking beer, drinking tap water is something that's commonly done in Sweden, as the tap water is so pure that it's almost as good or better than some bottled waters.

Just as it holds true anywhere else, public transportation is a great way to save money instead of renting a car or using some type of private transportation. And because Sweden is a traditionally more forward-thinking country, they've got a lot of handicap-accessible public transportation options, and these options can quite easily be used to get around on vacation. In fact, they even offer transportation cards that can further reduce the cost of getting around, should you decide to use the rail system enough to make it worthwhile to buy a card.

Other Tips & Tricks

Check back soon to see an expanded section on other must-do things in Sweden, and a variety of tips!